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This Guy's In Love With You Mare [FullVersion].rar ===> DOWNLOAD

This Guy's In Love With You Mare [FullVersion].rar ===> DOWNLOAD

Category:Retrospective albums Category:2002 albums Category:2010 albums Category:2010s comedy albums Category:2017 albums Category:2017 live albums Category:Live albums by American artistsQ: select an element by its position in the DOM I'm trying to select an element by its position in the DOM, but I have a problem that I can't explain (maybe you can?) I'd like to have the index of the element using jquery (I'm using Jquery because it's better for animation) var slider = $(".slider"); var i = slider.index(); I'm using the class line in this example, but I could change that easily (some others classes) My problem is that this works in Chrome and Safari but not in Firefox. Is there a better way to do that? Or maybe I'm just using the wrong index method? Thanks a lot for your help A: jQuery index() method works only for plain elements, not for all HTML elements. You could use document.getElementById() method instead to get an element by its ID. var i = $("div.slider:first").index(); Note, I removed the "slider" class from the code, because you are applying it to all divs. Q: How to replace value from JSONArray using RecyclerView adapter I have a JSONArray



This Guy's In Love With You Mare [FullVersion].rar

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